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Premium Vertical Worm Gearbox Exporter in Mumbai


(V Series)

Vertical worm reduction gearbox with integrated (solid) foot mounting available in light, medium and heavy stirrer duty.

Heavy Duty Stirrer unit incorporates an extended bearing housing to accommodate a larger bottom bearing and increased shaft size, thereby enhancing the unit capacity to absorb the high bending loads imposed during stirrer applications. This gear unit is compact with facility of top mounted pivoted platform where electric motor can be directly mounted above the gear unit using belt tensioning device.

Specification & Application:

SIZES: V-400, V-500, V-600, V-700, V-800, V-1000, V-1200, V-1400, V-1700
RATIO: Min. 5:1 to Max. 70:1
Power capacity to 139 KW


Conveyors, Raw Mill, Coal Mill, Nodulizer, Apron Conveyors, Elevator Drives, Separator Drive, Bulk Materials Handling, Crystalliser, Air Preheater, Slurry Pump, Agitator, Mixer, Mixer Drive, Extruder Drive, Vertical Extruder Drive Classifier, Conveyor Drive, Rake Elevator / Elevator, Feeder Table, Cane Chopper, Belt Conveyors, Screw Conveyors, Bucket Elevator, Cooling Tower, Bucket, Cane Carrier, Cane Shredders, Pressure Feeders.


Cement Industry, Material Handling Industry, Chemical Industry, Power Industry.

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