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SNU Worm Reduction Gearbox



The worm is made of case-hardening alloy steel, carburized, ground, and polished and is integral with the shaft. Bearing journals are accurately ground. The worm wheel is made of centrifugally cast phosphor-bronze rims, shrink fitted, and brazed with C.I. centers. Worms are generated on special-purpose worm milling machines, gas carburized, and ground on automatic work grinders. Worm wheels are hobbed on precision hobbing machines with high accuracy hobs. Each and every wheel is checked to match with the master worms to ensure complete interchangeability. Right-hand threads are provided unless otherwise specified.

Specification & Application:

SIZES: SNU 2, SNU 3, SNU 4, SNU 5, SNU 6, SNU 7, SNU 8, SNU 9, SNU 10.5
RATIO: Min. 5:1 to Max. 70:1
Power capacity to 139 KW

Conveyors, Raw Mill, Coal Mill, Cane Carrier, Cane Shredders, Pressure Feeders, Diffuser, Crystalliser, Cooling Tower, Air Preheater, Rake Elevator / Elevator, Feeder Table, Apron Conveyors, Elevator Drives, Separator Drive, Bulk Materials Handling, Classifier, Conveyor Drive, Bucket, Cane Chopper, Belt Conveyors, Screw Conveyors, Bucket Elevator, Slurry Pump, Agitator, Mixer, Mixer Drive, Calendar Drive, Extruder Drive, Vertical Extruder Drive


Cement Industry, Sugar Industry, Steel Industry, Power Industry, Plastic Industry, Material Handling Industry, Chemical Industry, Palm Oil Industry, Rubber Industry

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